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Professional staff in Vietnamese accounting will prepare cash flow statements immediately at your company's factory!
★We make you relieve mental stress
 For entrepreneurs or parent companies, the biggest mental stress (insecurity, worries, troubles) is that “They can't see the state of money in their company.” Its removal is the biggest advantage.
 Professional accounting staff will assist you in Japanese, so you can have professional conversations without any language difference.

★We always find out what our customers want and pay attention to even the smallest details.
 It also plays a role in coordination and settlement between each person in charge from the point of view of entrepreneurs. Because of my factory experience in the past, I am able to listen to every single true opinion from the staff, and after reviewing the complaints of each department, I can recommend such as: How to do it and do it from an accounting perspective as a company. It also involves assisting the business owner to capture the money of each department of the business owner.

★Become the check tax policies (Reducing risks in the future)
 We do not collect information /data solely for the purpose of preparing cash flow statements. We will put into vision and then conduct business even the screening and management of the collected information and data for matters related to tax audit policies. In this part you can suggest or direct our staff so it also involves staff training.
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3.Service area:
 Industrial zones in Ho Chi Minh City and suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City
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