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We undertake the work of preparing cash flow statements at the factories immediately after investing in Vietnam.
1.Basically requires

Vietnam expansion      : 2020

Number of employees : 3 (1 Japanese local president, 2 local staff)-At startup

Industry                        : Manufacturing

Due to the influence of corona, the local factory was set up more than half a year later. Under such circumstances, the Japanese president who was assigned for the first time overseas, an engineer (in charge of machine / equipment installation) from Japan, and local staff started the factory start-up.

As we proceeded with the purchase and payment of machinery, office equipment, equipment, raw materials, etc., the payment became larger than the initial business plan, so we would like to analyze the payment details from the start-up and grasp the funding schedule by the end of the year. I will support you.

Purpose of creation:
・ Support for grasping monthly factory expenses by the Japanese local president / parent company
・ Make the cash flow chart a monthly fixed task for the customer accounting staff.
・ Inventing a business flow that can continuously create a cash flow chart within the company
2.Content and implementation processes.

It took us 1-3 months to create the foundation for the preparation of cash flow statements in the company.

(Content to conduct: arrange information, documents)

• Large-scale expenditure contracts/ Detailed drafting of payment history: Expenses related to plant construction/ Purchase of materials/ Loans.

• Organize accounting documents (Arrange and manage documents/data storage).

• Building and consulting on the working process in the company related to payment.

By the 4th month, the payments related to the establishment of the plant had also been completed, and while measuring the additional plant costs that would be incurred when production commenced, we had prepared the reports. cash flow statement to which we have added our achievements and predictions.

In addition, we have negotiated with clients about the month cash less.

3.The accompanying service content that we have provided.
Description of Human Resources jobs

• Drafting working rules.

• Support to register working rules.

• Drafting recruitment contract, drafting probation contract.

• Support to register for social insurance.

• Payroll Accounting.

• Make pay slips.

• Drafting regulations in the company.

• Prepare internal documents (Application for leave, application for paid leave)

Description of Accounting jobs.

• Advice on cash management and savings methods.

• Organize and store accounting documents.

• Create a template of an order.

• Propose workflows that leverage orders.

• Prepare contract/request for payment.

• Explaining budgets at small workshops.

• Attend interviews when recruiting accountants.

• Prepare tax refund claim form.

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