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Employee’s information

Yamamoto Kosei

​【Full Name】                     :Mr.YAMAMOTO KOSEI

【Birthplace】                     :Miyazaki Prefecture

【Educational Background】:Yamaguchi University Faculty of Economics

【Working  Experience】     :Working at Accountant’s Development of

                                         Toyokanetsu Company

                                          from April 2008 to March 2013

                             Working on Soltec Vietnam Company


                                          from May 2013 to November 2018​                          

【Qualification】           :Construction industry accountant 1st grade

【Hobbies】                        :Playing Badminton, Cycling

【Student Club】                 :Joined Tennis Club (High school),

                                          Boat Club (University)

Huyen san

​【Full Name】                      :NGUYEN THI HUYEN

【Birthplace】                      :Quang Binh Province

【Educational Background】:Ho Chi Minh Open University

【Qualification】             :Bachelor of Accounting

【Hobbies】                  :Traveling, reading book

【Student Club】                 :English club (University)

Nhan san

​【Full Name】                      :BUI THI KIM NHAN

【Birthplace】                      :Dong Nai Province

【Educational Background】:University of Finance - Marketing

【Qualification】             :Bachelor of Accounting

【Hobbies】                  :Music, reading book

【Student Club】                 :English club (University)

Viet Nhat senior staff

​【Full Name】                      :KIM YOUNG DUK

【Birthplace】                      :Ishikawa Prefecture

【Educational Background】:Kansai University

【Working  Experience】   :Soltec Vietnam Company

                                         from Mar. 2013 to Dec. 2022

Viet Nhat Staff

​【Full Name】                      :Yamamoto Hikari

【Birthplace】                      :Tokyo

【Educational Background】:Takushoku University

【Qualification】             :Japanese Teacher

【Hobbies】                  :Dance 

【Student Club】                 :Wadaiko club (High school)

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